About us

Dodgy knee joints that plagued generations and sick of fossicking for a bag of peas at the bottom of the freezer, sparked the seed of an idea for Belinda Voigt.  In 2018 the RE3 Ice Compression Pack was born. 

Belinda is a Melbourne based mother of 3 children all diagnosed with hyper-mobile knee joints, something they inherited from their Mum.  As competitive young athletes, the consequence was significant pain and swelling with part of the recommended treatment being ice after every training and competition.  


Evidence confirms ice works! The scientific thought is that if an injury site can be reduced to 10 degrees, this reduces nerve conduction velocity, thereby reducing pain from surface tissues. There are many thoughts as to when to apply and duration, but the fact remains that ice assists with recovery and so we see athletes on TV with various contraptions involving plastic, tape and a hard lump of ice. The same can be said of many patients coming out of orthopaedic surgery as a means to control swelling and pain.

The problem Belinda faced was that both her daughters who were swimming competitively, objected to the nightly “icing” ritual.  As busy teenagers they didn’t want to sit in one place for the required time, the ice would not stay in the correct position and as a result the ice was not clinically effective, not to mention the mess it created with pools of dripping water and copious amounts of complaining. It became just too hard. Belinda was convinced there had to be an easier solution.  There were variations on the market, but many required actual ice that melted, were uncomfortable and didn’t secure into place – they simply still didn’t fulfill the brief. She knew she needed to design something that satisfied the full criteria – it needed to be comfortable, secure, reusable, would allow mobility, maintain temperature, one size fits all (children and adults) and most of all was easy to use and if it looked good, this would make it even better. Belinda consulted with various experts in medicine, science and high performance sport and after four years of planning, prototyping, testing and evaluating the RE3 Ice Compression Pack was born. 

18 months of being in market the feedback to the product has been incredible. Not only is RE3 being used by elite athletes and sporting clubs, but an increasing number of orthopaedic surgeons have been using the pack as a post-operative recovery tool both in and out of hospital. This has broadened the customer base significantly and brought RE3 to the attention of all consumers that suffer muscular or joint pain.

Passionate and dedicated, Belinda is proud of RE3 and all that it has to offer. 

“We are living in a world with a great deal of uncertainty and many of the things we take for granted have been challenged. It gives me enormous satisfaction that I have designed a product that allows people to remain home and manage their pain and swelling in a secure and comfortable way with less reliance on pain and anti-inflammation medications. Compliance is key and in essence this is what RE3 delivers.”

Belinda Voigt
Founder, Inventor and Sole-Owner
RE3 Ice Compression Packs